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What Is The Lifetime SolutionTM?

At Financial Architects, we view financial planning in a larger context than the traditional approach.  According to the Practice Standards of The Certified Financial Planner Code of Ethics, the first step in the six step process of financial planning is “Determine the Client’s Goals and Objectives.”  While this may seem like a simple task, our experience has shown otherwise.


Most people tend to focus on one type of wealth – financial wealth.  Yet the experts say that there are two other kinds of wealth – social wealth and personal wealth.  Social wealth is the sum of how your life has affected those around you.  Personal wealth is how you’ve come to understand your life as it relates to your own actualization.  Our process will integrate these three areas.


Most people have vague goals such as “retire comfortably” or “educate my children.”  Many times, these goals have been adopted without going through any real thought process.  We begin our process by examining some of your basic psychological attitudes concerning the subject of money.  We will ask you to step back and consider what your life’s purpose is and to consider your deeply felt values and how they relate to your financial resources.  You will complete several exercises designed to get you in touch with these issues.  With your planner acting as a facilitator, you will share these insights.  Once we have established a firm understanding of these mental foundations, we will help you reestablish your goals within the framework of living a more meaningful life.


Life is about more than money.  All too often, we lose sight of this fact.  Because we live in a highly materialistic society, there are very few settings where one can find the opportunity to place financial concerns in their proper perspective.  The Lifetime Solution TM process has been designed to do just that and it uses Integral Financial Planning as it's foundation.  This concentrated exploration of your motivational foundation will increase the probability of the successful realization of your goals and dreams. 

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